8 Apr '24

Say farewell to documentation drudgery

A mission to answer all your users’ questions, while saving teams from documentation hell.

Adi Kurian Adi Kurian

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Founders should focus on achieving product-market fit, not writing user manuals. Project managers should focus on timely delivery, not writing user manuals. Product managers should focus on product roadmaps, not writing user manuals. Engineers should focus on stellar implementation, not writing user manuals.

Anyone working in tech knows full-featured software needs a written user guide. Almost all software today has a continuous rollout of upgrades and updates, which means the user manual must in tandem be upgraded and updated.

Multi-billion dollar companies have budgets to hire teams of writers who handle this all day, every day. These skilled professionals ensure there is little to no lapse in user understanding of your product.

For just about everyone else, this task is delegated to someone who is not a trained writer nor a passionate author of user documentation. And the end-user manual – the public knowledge base site – is rarely treated with the same kind of care and attention as, for example, product marketing. A company’s public knowledge base is exclusively frequented by active paying customers or prospects evaluating a potential solution. You’d think that these people should get some love, no?

A lack of high-quality, up-to-date end-user documentation created a perpetual cycle of support tickets and a large volume of emails from frustrated customers.

While validating the market, we met individuals in product strategy, client strategy, customer success, and project management who are tasked with writing user documentation. We were surprised at the number of designers, engineers, product managers, and even founders we talked to who had spent countless hours writing user documentation. Many felt that they were training themselves on the job to write documentation in a user-friendly way. They often had to sacrifice many productive work hours to complete the task, and if they did not, the result would suffer.

A lack of high-quality, up-to-date end-user documentation created a perpetual cycle of support tickets and a large volume of emails from frustrated customers. Many people we talked to would be frantically spending time crafting custom responses to answer questions in customer emails that could be in a support article. But the support article would never get written as other priorities took hold, and they would have to copy and paste the same responses when the questions inevitably came up again… and again… and again. This felt to us like a misallocation of resource and a disservice to these companies’ lifeblood – their active paying customers. All these folks’ time would be better used doing the job they were hired to do.

At the same time, the docs need to be written, and they are not going to write themselves.

But what if… the docs could write themselves?

Introducing DocsHound, an AI documentation platform for the modern era

DocsHound AI automated doc generator displaying the editor mode for a SaaS application support portal

DocsHound serves as your AI doc writer, transforming how teams approach software documentation creation - shifting focus from manual, tedious work to strategic, value-driven tasks.

Our generative AI intelligently creates comprehensive user docs, step-by-step guides, and FAQs with a single click – redefining the approach to software documentation creation. With DocsHound, you leverage an AI documentation generator that accelerates and simplifies the process of building a complete and user-friendly knowledge base.

Our mission is to equip end users with all the information they need to use any given software to its fullest, while sparing teams from the blood, sweat and tears associated with creating and maintaining a public knowledge base.

We have created a tool that is purpose-built to accelerate the auto-generation of documentation. If the idea of multiplying your team’s productivity with a powerful documentation tool like DocsHound intrigues you, join our waitlist for exclusive early access.