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  • What integrations does HubSpot support for bulk import?
  • NetSuite, MS Dynamics 365, Pipedrive, Zoho, or Salesforce
  • Thanks, drafting something up...

Tailor-made for product managers modern founders software engineers technical writers customer success Tailor-made for product managers, modern founders, software engineers, technical writers, and customer success

A documentation platform that gets the important features right

DocsHound - Modular editing
Modular editing

A modular, intuitive, and responsive editor, with a large suite of AI features to create and maintain knowledge base content.

DocsHound - Instant publishing
Instant publishing

Efficient no-code publishing workflow, so you can publish user docs, step-by-step guides, and FAQs in seconds.

DocsHound - Styling

On-brand, straight out of the box, with subtle, considered styling options that provide a Stripe-level impression.

Adaptive, intelligent, trained

AI engine calibrated to your product, learning from your interactions

Athena is an AI-first analytics platform enabling data professionals to automate complex taskswhich power enterprisedata workflows through co-pilot assistance and agent executionAugie is an AI video editorthat allows content creatorsto use a single promptwith a powerful AI script writerand a library of AI voicesto transform text and pre-existing recordings intoprofessional visual storiesPartsimony’s manufacturingsupply chain platform helpshardware companiestransform designs intophysical products whileproviding data insights inorder to reduce costs andoptimize lead timeIngest.AI gives restaurantsactionable insights thatdrive operational efficiencyand decision-makingthrough an AI-poweredplatform that integratesdiverse data sources into asingle source of truth

On brand, automatically

DocsHound knows your brand before you get started

A visual screenshot of LifeTagger, a QR code automation SaaS platform, who use DocsHound to provide their customers product education with FAQs, Step By Steps, SOPs, manuals, and product guides, showcasing DocsHound's beautiful documentation.
A visual case study of Aug X Labs' end user guide on the DocsHound platform, demonstrating an AI native text-to-video and image-to-video platform selecting DocsHound to be the tool it uses to create polished, visual and well structured user guides.
A visual case study showing Athena Intelligence published content on DocsHound. Athena, an enterprise data intelligence SaaS platform, use DocsHound to provide step-by-steps, FAQs, and well designed and laid out automatically created documentation to serve their SaaS userbase.
Extremely impactful. Generated our entire knowledge base in 2 days. It looks polished and is fast.
Richard Mokuolu Co-founder & CEO
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